Math Blaster 9-12

Math Blaster ages 9-12 is a Math Blaster game. While it's loosely a remake of Math Blaster 2: The Lost City, this game is a separate story that simply follows similar themes to the original and in fact is set after the original games, as a sequel. In this respect it followed the same pattern as Mega Math Blaster, which was loosely a remake of Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot.


While dancing to music, Blasternaut, GC, and Spot become distracted and fail to notice that their ship has crash landed on a planet. They must now bring together pieces of an ancient medallion and give it to the Monkey King.

Games (Academic) Edit

Crater Crossing Edit

After Choosing Blasternaut or GC, the Player must guide the selected Character to the pods with equations that fit within the number range displayed on the top of the screen while defending themselves against the flying Monkeys who Patrol the area, but the player had to be careful not to land on Booby-trap rigged or rancid pods

Banana Splat Edit

After Choosing Blasternaut or GC, the Player must throw bananas to the monkey ) who have the correct integers (or groups of 2-3 Monkeys build the Answer) to solve the equation on the tree while knocking out Rogue Monkeys who drop coconuts with bananas

Bridge Builder Edit

Blasternaut or GC must build a Bridge with a fraction group of planks displayed on the top of the screen

Monkey Maker Edit

Blasternaut or GC, must build a monkey using the pictures on the left and correspond to the number of times you change the appearance

Cube Quest Edit

With all 3 Crew members united the player must guide Blasternaut, GC or Spot to the cubes while using the devices (according to their ability) once all the cubes are collected the transporter is activated. The cubes collect will later contain the numbers which the player must use to open the gate on the 3rd level

Games (Arcade) Edit

Ruby Hunter Edit

If the player has completed the Lesson round before the time runs out. the correct answers will transfrom into Rubies which the player guides Blasternaut or GC, to collect before the last remaining time runs out

Monkey Madness Edit

the Player must help Blasternaut or GC, throw bananas to the swarm of flying monkeys to send them home while keeping a safe distance the swarm of flying monkeys. 500 points will be awarded for sending all the monkeys home

Pod-Hopper Bridge Edit

the Player must guide Blasternaut or GC, to help the monkeys get to the other side by arranging the pods to set up a path

Gorilla My Dreams Edit

the Player must help Blasternaut or GC, throw bananas at the bad gorillas (who throw coconuts at them to slow them down) while leaving the good gorillas alone

Diamond Factory Edit

the Player must guide Blasternaut or GC, on the lower conveyor belt to collect the diamonds on the lower conveyor belt after they passed through the processor. While the player is at it the player must guide the diamonds to the matching coloured processor (otherwise a diamond would disintegrate if it passes through a different coloured processor) this is the only academic arcade round as it corresponds with Attributes and sorting

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