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Math Blaster ages 6-8 is part of the series of Math Blaster videogames.


Fair 2

The Intergalatic Fair on Omega.

Blaster and GC are attending the Intergalatic Fair on GC's home planet, Omega. Blaster can't wait to compete in the big race for the intergalactic trophy, but you need eight medals to enter. Win medals by playing the different games at the fair, and enter the race for a chance to win the grand prize!


Dunk BoothEdit

Dunk booth
Hit the targets with the numbers that finish the pattern shown at the top of the screen. Three hits and the competitor will be dunked!

Pie ThrowEdit

Pie throw
Throw pies at the aliens whose fractions match the pie.

After you earn your medal, you can participate in a bonus round, where the objective is to simply hit as many aliens as possible! (Except GC, Blaster or MEL for points will be docked for that)

Rollar CoasterEdit

Rollar coaster
Follow the instructions to sort the Wurgles into the roller coaster cars.

Juice BoothEdit

Juice booth
Add or subtract berries until you have the correct amount for the juice.

Time TravelEdit

Time travel
Find the flying saucers with the time that matches the one in print at the top of the screen.

After you earn your medal, you can participate in a bonus level. In the bonus level, you must collect as many crystals as you can before time runs out.

Money MadnessEdit

Money madness
Put the correct amount of money into the machine using the coins.

After you earn your medal, you can participate in a bonus round. Guide Blaster and collect the specified coins in the piggy bank.

Animal ArenaEdit

Animal arena
Look at the graph, and then pin the prize on the right animal.

Number ZappperEdit

Main Article: Zapper
Number zapper 2
Zap the correct answers to the problems, and zap the meteors to prevent them from destroying the city.

After you earn your medal, you can participate in a bonus round. Zap as many falling meteors as you can!


Crater CruiseEdit

Rocket RoadEdit

Gobbling GulchEdit

Slime ClimbEdit

Double DareEdit

Treasure RoomEdit

Treasure room
The Treasure Room is located on GC and Blaster's ship. Here, you can access your star chart, play tangram, creature a picture with the Blaster Math Board, view your medals, and print your trophy.


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