Math Blaster 2

Math Blaster Episode II: Secret of the Lost City is the direct sequel to Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot, and the first to feature Galactic Commander as part of the team (rather than as a commander who remains planetside).

Plot Edit

While looking for the Lost City, Blasternaut's ship was shot down by Dr. Minus over that planet. Blasternaut, Spot, and Galactic Commander must work together to find a way to unlock the secrets of the lost city.

Lost City


Number Hunt Edit

Blasternaut, GC and Spot must search the entire room for Numbers and equation symbols to solve the equation display on the bottom while using various triggers to clear obstacles

Positron Splash Edit

The Blasterpals must bring the Negatron with the number which correctly solves the equation into the floor pipes while hitting the Negatrons which have wrong numbers with cobalt blue Positron Pods. in the event that either crew member hits a Negatron with a correct number. That Negatron will start throwing blood red negatron Pods at the Blasternaut, GC or Spot knocking them unconscious after screaming in extreme pain if either was active, unless they neutralize it with a Positron pod there are 5 equations to solve

Maze Craze Edit

The Blasterpals must find 5 platforms with equations which fit within the range shown on the top, while avoiding negatrons who patrol there (a power booster is available on harder levels to temporarily incapacitate the Negatron) there are 5 equations to solve

Creature Creator Edit

Finally the Blasterpals must create creatures which correspond to the number of changes (1 arrow represents 1 change)

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