Math Blaster online title

Math Blaster is the title of a 2011 online Math Blaster game, set in the modern continuity and featuring Max Blaster and GC.

Plot & SettingEdit

The Intergalactic Space Patrol is recruiting new members. The player plays as a new (customizable) cadet, and must master a number of training simulations in order to progress in the ranks.



Monster MuttsEdit

This exercise is supervised by GC. The cadet must adopt and raise an alien creature. They begin by selecting a larva and then they use the station's incubator to grow it to maturity.

Known alien creatures raised this way include Grubble, Eye-Clops, and Ickasaur.

Morph MadnessEdit

Galaxy Grand PrixEdit

B-Force BlasterEdit


In B-Force Blaster, the cadet's goal is to blast as many targets as possible while following a track. The targets that pop up will either be literal targets or likenesses of known criminals. The white targets are worth 50 points, while the green are worth 100.

There are three types of villains that appear, all of which are worth 200 points.

Blot CruncherEdit


Alien WranglerEdit


Main Article: Zapper

The cadet is faced with a simulation in which he controls a starship moving through an asteroid field. The cadet must fire the ship's lasers at rocks which carry the correct answer to an equation. If he or she hits the wrong one, it damages the ship's shields. If he or she hits the correct one, it opens up a few more asteroids to being fired upon without damage to the ship's shields.

The cadet's goal is to destroy as many asteroids as possible in the time given.


Rollerball RallyEdit


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