Major History

Major History was a history-obsessed villain from the future. He knows everything about everything about history, and has abducted major historical figures to do his dirty work. He plans to rewrite history. (Blaster's Universe: "You're History")


Early LifeEdit

Major History was born on the planet Omega, GC's homeworld. He attended Omega University with a major in History. (Blaster's Universe: "You're History")

This history is dubious. When GC first looked up his file in a computer, no information showed up. A few moments later, a series of facts came up, beginning with this one. The rest, however, were the results of Major History's tampering with history, such as him inventing electricity and gravity, etc.


Major History began to rewrite history by replacing many historical figures, such as Thomas Edison, with himself. Blaster and GC were able to unravel his plan, however, by sending him back through time and sending his bomb back through time to the big bang at the beginning of the universe. (Blaster's Universe: "You're History")