Lost City Ship

The Lost City Ship was a technologically advanced starship left behind in pieces, as the fabled Lost City. When Blasternaut and his friends were shot down by Dr. Minus, their ship was wrecked. When they explored the Lost City and discovered its secrets, they were able to inherit this ship as their new ship. They had no trouble defeating Dr. Minus' fleet with this amazing ship. The ship is last known to be in the hands of the Galactic Forces. ("Math Blaster 2: The Lost City")

What happened to the ship afterwards is unknown. Games that take place later, such as Mega Math Blaster, make no mention of it.


Spacecraft commanded by Blasternaut
Original Continuity Blaster Pals' ShipPurple RocketLost City ShipMetallic RocketMonkey Ship
2010 continuity Max Blaster's Ship

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