Gelator is a fiendish and gross Slime monster-based the Brain Drainer, who is infamous for kidnapping Spot and oozing the peaceful planet Moldar. Blasternaut Chased him all over the planet while the Galactic Commander de-oozed and liberated Moldar from Gelator's Slimy occupation (With the 3 Moldar Energy Crystals collected by Blasternaut on his way to the generator). He later crashed his ship against an asteroid (knocking Spot free from Gelator while GC Catches him) while Blasternaut catches Gelator with a Jar of Hair Gel and sent him to Planet Lockemup (Showcased in the opening). Other Fates include his parents finding him and was later forced to return Spot to Blasternaut and GC with a grounding (Complete with homework which he is doing, revealing the reason why he wants to drain Spot's Brain in the first place) or a final duel with Gelator (who threw Spot aside as he had no weapon but him) Meeting his death when Blasternaut activated his Goo Dehydrator 10000.

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