Dr Minus

Dr. Minus is a psychotic (and possibly robotic or cybernetic) villain, who's obsessed with Subtraction. He planned to destroy the entire Galactic Forces base, one ship at a time. He shot down Blasternaut's ship, as it searched for the Lost City. He was later defeated when Blasternaut and his friends reactivated the Lost City Ship; his whole fleet was no match for that ship. ("Math Blaster 2: The Lost City")

The Galactic Forces later locked him up on planet Lockemup, where he shared a cell with other villains such as the Trash Alien and Gelator. When Spot visited the prison in passing one time, he taunted Minus, along with some of his other former foes. ("Mega Math Blaster")

Dr. Minus Wanted Poster

Wanted for "Attempted domination of the universe".