Blasternaut ep 1

Blasternaut, on the bridge of his ship.

Blasternaut, also known as Blaster in one continuity, Max Blaster in the next, then finally as Blaster Prime, was initially a member of Galactic Forces. He has commanded several starships alongside his friends Spot and Galactic Commander, who later became promoted to the rank of Galactic Commander. He's generally a hero and space explorer.

Blasternaut is the main character of the Blaster Learning System franchise. He's been reimagined many times over the years, though, and several distinct versions exist.

Original ContinuityEdit

Early LifeEdit

Blasternaut got his first command early, serving aboard a ship alongside Spot and GC, his friends, as his only two crew members. ("Math Blaster ages 4-6")

Adult CareerEdit

GC eventually got promoted to Galactic Commander, and left the company of Blasternaut and Spot. While doing work on their new ship, Spot was kidnapped yet again by an alien, forcing Blasternaut to persue. Luckily he was able to rescue Spot. ("Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot")

Galactic Commander soon temporarily rejoined her friends for a mission to find the Lost City. On that mission, however, the ship was attacked by aliens and shot down over the planet where the Lost City is located. As the three survivors explored the city, they soon managed to unlock its secrets and reassemble the buildings into a new ship, much more powerful than the old. ("Math Blaster 2: The Lost City")

One day, while Spot was passing planet Lockemup, the galactic prison planet, he was attacked and captured by Gelator, who used his intelligence as his own. Blasternaut and Galactic Commander were forced to persue and rescue him, dropping Gelator off in Lockemup. ("Mega Math Blaster")

The three later had another adventure when their new starship crash landed on the planet of the Monkeys. Blasternaut and Galactic Commander figured out how to defeat the Monkey King, inheriting his starship. ("Math Blaster ages 9-12")



Max Blaster in Math Blaster ages 4-6, 5-7, and 6-8

After 1998, his design changed is that of a young boy, and is simply refered to as "Blaster" by GC and Mel. He is often shown wearing a green spacesuit, which gives him super strength and the ability to fly. This appears to be an alternate version of Blasternaut, and thus has a separate history from the one described above.

Blaster was an Intergalatic 12-year-old boy with a spacesuit and the ability to fly. While attending school on Earth, he befriended GC, an alien from the planet Omega. Along with their robot dog MEL, they became a team to fight evil.

The three have fought a number of terrible villains, such as Major History, who wanted to write himself into history in place of every major historical figure. (Blaster's Universe: "You're History")

Second ReimaginingEdit


Thousands of years in the future, Blaster Prime is the first Blaster Agent and the only person in the galaxy who knows math. His holographic Blaster Glove and Graviton Boots give him the power to rescue Earth and its colonies from the evil Cyclotron X.

Dawdling as usual on the way to school, his friends leave him behind as his curiosity gets the best of him and he notices some symbols on a building. He accidentally discovers the secret to Blaster Corps, an elite force that uses math (and cool weaponry) to fight evil in the galaxy. The Blaster Corps was scheduled to be initiated centuries earlier, but a rogue math teaching program became the powerful Cyclotron X and enslaved all within the radius of its math-numbing rays.

Joining together with freed colonists, Blaster Prime defeats Cyclotron X's defenses and then strikes at its core to end its Battle with him.

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