The box art to Alge-Blaster 3 features Blasternaut and Spot, who don't actually appear in the game.

Alge-Blaster 3 is a Math Blaster game, set in a unique setting. It features basic algebra problems, such as graphing.

Storyline Edit

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, in a solar system that was...well...not so spectacular (it only have one planet), there lived an alien race known as the Quadraticans. They live in a small planet they called...Quadratica.

They were an intelligent yet humble race. They liked people and made friends easily. They were basically just a good bunch of aliens.

Knowledge and learning were very important to the Quadraticans, especially Algebra. They lived happily on their little planet for thousands of years until one day, from the opposite side of the galaxy, came...

...the Red Nasties, a mean, rotten, barbaric race of space travellers!

Their only goal in life? To conquer or destroy well-meaning, intellectually superior civilizations and their better dining establishments, leaving behind them a trail of tears and second-rate fast food chains.

The Red Nasties attacked suddenly and without warning! Their leader demanded that the Quadraticans surrender or he would destroy them.

But the Quadratican commander stood firm and refuse to surrender, for he knew that with Algebra on their side they could give the Red Nasties a good fight, and that's just what they did...

Games Edit

Challenger Edit

A combination of the learn and practice activities from previous games. It consists of four components: a video chalkboard that explains a problem visually, a text version of the same problem, a practice area and a word problems area that shows how to translate words into math facts.

Decoder Edit

Based on the translate activity from Alge-Blaster Plus but here each correct answer reveals a picture that is part of a rebus. Once all pictures are uncovered the player has to figure out the right mathematical word and select it from a list.

Simulator Edit

Based on the graph and game activities from Alge-Blaster Plus. When choosing the point variant the player has to click on aliens on a grid that corresponds to the right coordinates. In the slopes variant the player has to use slope information to fire lasers at aliens.

Red Alert Edit

Similar to Missile Command with the player having to protect cities on a planet surface by shooting at aliens that appear from the top.